Who Are We?

The newest training and certification center for New Jersey motorcycle riders. We offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Rider Course.

Motorcycle Training Center

What’s the Class All About?

When you make the choice you want to ride a motorcycle, make the commitment to be a safe rider and sign up with us for a Beginner Rider Course BRC designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

This course is also a great refresher for those who have their motorcycle license but have not ridden in a while or just feel they need more practice and confidence.

The course is a minimum 15 hours with 5 hours of classroom time and 10 hours (not including student breaks) of riding a motorcycle in our closed course with RiderCoaches who are nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the State of New Jersey.

Classroom activities introduce the mental and perceptual tools needed to be a good rider and show you how to process information to make safer decisions. The riding sessions have you practice basic control that includes clutch and throttle coordination, straight-line riding, stopping, turning and shifting.

The course is held rain or shine unless notified.


    Conveniently located on the campus of Rowan College.


    Pass the written and riding parts of the course to get your motorcycle license in one weekend.

  • Expert Teachers

    All of our RiderCoaches are nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and are approved by New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to offer the Motorcycle Safety Training Course.

Upon successful completion of the Beginning Rider Course (both classroom & riding time) you are eligible to take the Division Of Motor Vehicle Road Test right here with us! Your RiderCoaches are Certified Examiners with DMV.

Pass your Road Test with us in our enclosed course and you leave with a waiver. This means NO permit test at DMV, NO road test at DMV and NO waiting. Give them the Waiver and the necessary ID required and you walk away with your motorcycle license (endorsement) on your Drivers License!

Take An MSF Beginner Rider Course!

What is provided?

MOTORCYCLES: We provide NEW 250cc motorcycles.

DOT HELMETS: You may bring your own if DOT certified, in good condition and fits properly.

STUDENT WORKBOOKS: All materials needed to take your test, yours to keep.

When is the class?

DAYS: New days and times coming soon!


COSTS: The course fee is $350.00.

Where is the class?

LOCATION: New location coming soon!


Class Dates:


In Order to Attend Class You Must:

  1. Call the office and register over the phone pay the course fee of $350.
  2. Be able to ride and balance a bicycle.
  3. Have a valid automotive license. If not NJ please check with us before registering.
  4. If less than 18 years old, have a signed consent by the parent of legal guardian.
  5. Be in reasonable good health. The course is physically demanding.
  6. Wear eye protection-glasses, goggles or shield.
  7. Wear long-sleeved shirt and or jacket.
  8. Wear long pants – Abrasion resistant (can not be torn or ripped) NO sweat pants.
  9. Wear full-fingered gloves without holes (leather is preferred).
  10. Wear sturdy, over-the-ankle boots.
  11. Bring your food and beverage to class.


You may also contact us directly at 732-759-5305

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